Poetry, Thought


There is so much love here and it is still here and that is all that matters. 

It is still here and love will create unto itself. Give love life. Give love the Word. In the beginning there was the Word and the Word is what will bring life. 

Bring life to your words.

There is love here.

In the mountains, the highest place where you stand atop with your love and look out at your life below, and you know. He knows. You two, created another one, and then another one.
From the view you stood and saw it all so clearly. Not a cloud in sight. So you go in your heart to that place again, sleep and nestled safe, on solid ground, in a teeny tiny little town with love and adventure awaiting and you know, this is where you are meant to grow.
You are meant to grow little gardens, and herbs and flowers. You are meant to spend time with little fairy girls, freely dancing, dresses prancing with the Malamute howlers.
((Trying too hard to rhyme.))
It’s okay.
You are meant to give life to words, poetry and rhyme. You are meant to tell stories and SHARE… share share share share share. She says it to you in your hazy dreams.
Share what you know with them all. The ones who need to read what you have to say. Share it to them. Be brave and know. They all care. You care, you stubborn momma goat. In the valley below, tucked into your life, as a momma and a loving wife. You stand there happy in your field of dreams, holding his hand with your little babies. You have taken the time to grieve. It is time to move forward now into the New and know that you are giving life to … breath to… feeling to… give inspiration to all of those, who like you, don’t know how the hell to do.
But we know how to feel and be.
We create from that place of certainty.  

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