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We are, as of this very second, moving into a New time. It’s time. It’s actually long past time, so stand up and shake yourself off because it is time to move forward.

The first time it really hit me, was after a trance like place when a teacher told me that I was enveloped in femininity. I love the long flowing dresses and that was made clear, to me, then, that was a part of who I am. As silly as it sounds. The feeling of being soft and lovely has always spoken to me. And that day I moved forward embracing that piece of my personal femininity.

I see the masculinity in the world, like a ticker tape, a clock over all of our heads. Like Saturn, my ruling planet, the King of Time and stability and the demands He has placed on us all. In a building full of beautiful women, the demand is high and the forcefulness has made us lose our way.
And it expands.
And expands.
And it touches every corner of the globe.

Until now.
Now it is going to be New.

Now we are peacefully insisting, it’s time to lay down your arms. It is time to do what has not been done.

We are here to embrace a way of femininity and gentleness. We are here to learn to love. We are here to shed those old dominant ways. We are here to shake off the deadlines and the rigidity, the violence and the war and the pain. We are here to see, once and for all that we are all cut from the same loving soulful cloth. There is not an ounce of difference in any of us.
We are here to accept our Selves. Our beautiful selves need to be gazed upon with compassion, loved. Not a person on this planet can get away without taking these steps.
Because in seeing our Self, we see humanity.
We see the one of us.
We are here now to learn a new way.

And there is no agenda.
There is no time table.
There just is.
Just as you drift off to sleep at night, and let the quiet and gentleness slide in, so will the New way. So will the beautiful peacefulness that is the feminine.

She will speak if you allow her to. And if you don’t allow her, she will speak when you let your guard down. She will calm you, and soothe you, she will love you back to life. She will help you find your way. She is a warm fire and a passionate spark. She is. She is all that creates and gives life. The mother to all, the daughter, the mate. The love. She is the love.

Look out onto your life and see how she touches it all. See the rays of her light, whether they bathe your world in beauty, or they peer through the tiniest cracks, begging to once again give life – she is that light.

It is time for a New way. This is what our scorching world needs, to soothe the burns of rampant masculine, untamed. Honor him by knowing that he is incomplete without his partner. The feminine touches all, is in all, is creating all.

The time is here now.

**Inspired by the beautiful work of Mari Perron in her newest book, Mirari: The Way of the Marys**

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