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Card for the Day: The Sow

Happy Monday my dear friends!

Today we pulled a card from the beautiful Druid Animal Oracle Deck by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, with illustrations by Will Worthington.

The Sow card is a really sweet, very feminine and maternal type of card. She is inviting us to drop into a state of service, giving and recieving will come naturally as one in the same. She is full of life and has much to offer her little ones and the world around her.

Card Meaning: The Sow, with her large litters, symbolizes abundance and fertility. Drawn upright (how we pulled her!) this card may mean that you are called upon to be generous. Feeling connected to the love of the Goddess for all her creatures, you are able to give freely, knowing that you in turn, are nourished and sustained by her. Choosing this card, you can open yourself to the abundance that exists throughout nature, knowing that life perpetually renews itself and that you need not worry about ever being disconnected from it. Allow yourself to feast on life, to enjoy its beauties and sensual delights. The Goddess is generous, giving to all and renewing all.

Druid Animal Oracle Deck

What a wonderful start to the week! You have much to give, so give freely and know that as you do so, you will perpetually be replenished. Give, knowing that you cannot run out. Give what you have – whether that is a shoulder to a dear friend, a hug and kiss to your partner, a kind word or a compliment. In a world that is obsessive about taking, and “getting”, be the one who can and chooses to give.

Have a wonderful day!

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