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Card for the Day: Grateful!

Hello my friends!

The card for today is pulled from the Goddess on the Go oracle deck, by Amy Sophia Marashinsky, with artistry by Melissa Harris.

I love seeing how things play so nicely with each other.
Yesterday, we pulled The Sow card from the Druid Animal Oracle, which spoke all about being abundant and giving.
Today, we are receiving, and we are so very grateful.

I am grateful for everything.

Goddess on the Go oracle deck

What a perfect card to pull. As we give, selflessly, we naturally become a conduit to receive. And as we receive, and give thanks for all of our many MANY blessings, we overflow with gratitude.
This card shows a lovely woman, dancing in the center of a stone circle, arms outstretched in gratitude for all that the Universe gives to her.

Years ago I began keeping a daily gratitude journal… and I can say that after doing that for a solid month, my life changed drastically. Yes, I started to see many wonderful things coming into my life, more time, more money, better opportunities… but more so, I was able to be more grateful, and feel that in my heart.
Gratitude is the great multiplier.
When we eminate that feeling of gratitude, the Universe responds to our feeling of gratitude and delivers more for us to feel gratitude and appreciation.

We begin to thank the green lights, the penny on the ground, the gentle smile from a stranger, the door being held open for us. We start to see that the world around us is very kind as we train our thoughts to live in gratitude.
And then… we even begin to see the discomfort, the struggles, the arguments and even the pain, in the light of gratitude. We realize that our pains may have been a prompt, a call to action, a reminder for us to shift our mindset – from one of entitlement, to one of gratitude. We begin to be grateful for EVERYTHING.
Good, bad and everything in between.

That is the best way to live our lives.

Have a wonderful day my friends, full of gratitude and much to be grateful for.

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