Card for the Day: Vacation

Hello my lovelies!

Today we are working with one of my FAVORITE decks… The Mystical Wisdom Oracle deck by Gaye Guthrie and illustrations by Josephine Wall.
I LOVE these cards.

And today our card is wildly appropriate.
Last week as I was working my shift at our local school I realized I needed to set some time aside for an upcoming doctor appointment. I decided I would take a mental (and physical!) health day, go to my appointment and take some time for my Self.

And this card came up!

Vacation: Take time for relaxation and adventure.

The Mystical Wisdom Oracle

Card Meaning: You deserve a rest – time for long sleeps, massages, sunbathing or playing in the snow. Rejuvenate and nurture your mind, body and spirit with plenty of rest and simple pleasures. Explore the Universe as it is filled with wonder, joy and magical things. You may be going away on a family vacation, a short getaway or a romantic trip. It is important to remember the everlasting memories and the bond you are creating.

Mantra: I enjoy a vacation to rest and rejuvenate my mind, body and spirit.

We live in a very VERY fast paced world full of deadlines and demands… that start all too early in our lives. It is detrimental to our health and well being to take time out to play, relax and enjoy our lives. So today you are encouraged to take some vacation time. Whether you use funds from your tax return to book that trip you’ve been meaning to take, or just take a mental health day off from work… you DESERVE to have some time for yourself to just be.

Enjoy it!

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