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Card for the Day: Faith in the Universe

Hello my friends.

Today we are pulling from The Universe has Your Back oracle deck, by Gabby Bernstein with illustrations by Micaela Ezra. This is another beautiful deck, very simple, and just enough to give you something soft to think of during your day.

The card we have pulled says:

My happiness is a direct reflection of my level of faith in the Universe.

I love this card.
What it is suggesting is that… when we have faith in something bigger than us, when we trust that indeed, The Universe has our Back, there is no need to ever worry about anything. If we have faith that all will work to our benefit, that our hopes and dreams are held and known and that we can have, or be, or do anything – when we KNOW THAT, we are joyful and full of happiness.

The Universe Has Your Back oracle deck

The only reason we are ever unhappy is because we stray from our faith, we doubt that help is available. When we stand in faith, we are able to be happy.

So today, keep your faith. Know, as best as you can, that you are worthy of all that your life has caused you to ask for, and that it exists and is held FOR YOU. If we can have faith in that, then we can be happy. And the more we are able to be happy, and emit that energetic frequency of happiness and joy, the more we experience it in our lives.

Have a wonderful day my friends.

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