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Card for the Day: Your Inner Light

It’s a beautiful snowy day my friends. I’m here with you, and my music, and my coffee and an inspiring card for our day today.

We are working out of The Universe has Your Back oracle deck by Gabby Bernstein, with illustrations by Micaela Ezra.

The card for today says:
When I focus on my inner light, I see the world through the lens of love.

Read that message again.
Read it once more.
Now close your eyes and remember it in your mind.

The Universe Has Your Back oracle cards

Today we will use these words as a mantra and let that message be our goal for the rest of the day.
We all have an inner light. Every person on this planet is in posession of their own spirit, their soul, the spark that makes them uniquely them. The message for today is to focus on that spark, that inner light, that makes you – You. The things that you love, the music that lifts your heart, the places that speak to you, the gifts you possess, your talents and interests… those are all parts of your spark. When you honor those pieces of you, the lightness in your heart shines through and you look at your world, and you see love. You see everything perfectly.

Today sit and connect with your inner light and let it shine through. And as you feel that part of you opening up, you will see a world full of diversity, love, life, lessons and teachers, and it will all be beautiful because it is all here for the purpose of creating love and joy.

Have a beautiful day my friends!

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