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Card for the Day: The Wheel of Fortune

I hope you are all doing well this morning! Here’s to the beginning of another wonderful week.

Today we are working out of my oldest Tarot deck. Several years ago, I had a friend suggest that I find this Tarot deck – The Dreaming Way Tarot, by Rome Choi with illustrations by Kwon Shina.
The very next day, I went with some friends to a new age shop nearby, and there, in the clearance bin outside of the shop was that VERY deck. Well, of course I bought it and it is still my favorite deck to work out of.

The card we have pulled for today is a pretty awesome way to start out the week…

The Dreaming Way Tarot

The Wheel of Fortune:
This card is one of 22 major arcana cards in the Tarot. What this means is that it is a heavier life lesson type of card. I always see this card as the “everything happens for a reason” card. The Wheel is symbolic of movement in this card. It says that your life has moved you forward and that you are in fact, exactly where you are supposed to be. Even though we sometimes have a hard time accepting that, especially when things aren’t going ‘well’, or are overly difficult… we still are, where we are meant to be, living the experiences we are meant to live. I think of this card as a prompt. I see it asking you to look at your life and realize that you wouldn’t take any parts of it out… that you can accept things and move on FROM them. You wouldn’t look at the wheel in the card and take a spoke off of the wheel… instead, you understand that your experiences have helped you become the person you are. And because it is a wheel… it is constantly moving forward. We make choices and move on, and make decisions and move forward. Sometimes we are faced with experiences over and over and we ask why history has repeated itself…? Because we need to make a new decision. The definition of insanity is making the same decision over and over and expecting a different result! Take this inspiring card and let yourself sit in acceptance of where you are in your awesome life. Own your decisions and take control of where you are going. Life is always moving you forward, and that’s a fantastic thing.

Have a great day my friends!

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