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Card for the Day: Creating the Best

Good morning beautiful people ❤

Today’s card is coming to us from the sweet Goddess on the Go oracle deck by Amy Sophia Marashinsky, with illustrations by Melissa Harris.

The card we pulled says —

I am creating the best for myself.

Goddess on the Go oracle cards

One of the reasons that I really like this deck is because the cards are meant to be used as affirmations. It ensures that we talk kindly to our Self and use the words to empower. Anything we say, aloud or in our head, with the words I Am is an affirmation. So… we would be very wise to ensure that we are only using those powerful two words (I am) followed up by something kind.

For today… we will focus on what we are creating.
I am creating the best for myself.
I am creating the best for myself!!
You are a creator, THE creator of your life actually! You create with your thoughts and your words. So today, we will continue to remind our self of the amazing things we are creating in our life. And if we stray, and affirm something not so nice, we will remind our self again, that we are creating our life, and reroute our thoughts and words, to continue to create THE BEST.
You deserve the life you want. We all do. None of us wants to live a life of deprivation and struggle. However… those things, as difficult as they may seem, help us hone in on what it is that we do want.
Today, reach for the stars… like the perfect little star in the card, and keep your mind focused on the realization that you are creating the best life for yourself.

Happy Creating!

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