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Card for the Day: Celebration!

Good morning!

Today’s card is coming to us from The Mystical Wisdom Oracle card deck, with illustrations from the amazing Josephine Wall and card meanings by Gaye Guthrie.

I LOVE that this is the card that came up for today… because today… is my Grandma Barbara’s 83rd birthday… and tomorrow is my mom’s 63rd birthday!

Celebration: Let Go and Have Fun!
Now is the time to celebrate a special event and have some fun! Get ready for a party, wedding, graduation, a job promotion or festivity. This is the time to celebrate and be joyful. This is a special moment to spend with family and friends in a positive and uplifting environment. Let go of worry and doubt and focus on the abundance available to you right now. Eat, drink, be merry and enjoy the pleasures and memories that these special occasions bring.

Mantra: I enjoy special moments with my loved ones and friends.

The Mystical Wisdom Oracle deck

This is a very important card. The nature of the past year has been tough for so many of us. I celebrated my birthday in early January along with my youngest daughter, and we were in quarantine because of Covid exposure. However… we celebrated. We decorated our little home with balloons, had a fantastic homemade cake, a home cooked dinner and everything was lovely. It is very important to take time to celebrate each other and our successes. Take the time to tell the people you love that they are truly important to you and be grateful for each day on this earth. There is cause to celebrate waking up every day with the potential of wonderful new beginnings.

Have a lovely day!

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