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Card for the Day: The Hanged Man (Reversed)

Hello my friends!

Today we are going to be working out of a normal Tarot deck instead of pulling an oracle card. The deck we are using is very unique- The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans. I was given this deck by a good friend and have only used it a few times, but it is always a very profound deck to use with striking illustrations that help convey the meaning of the cards pulled.

Todays card is:

The Hanged Man (reversed)
So when a card is pulled reversed, I see it as the card having a deeper meaning, so we read it upright and then get into the deeper reversed meaning.
The Hanged Man is a major arcana card, as was The Wheel of Fortune card that we pulled several days ago. That means, this card has a bigger feeling to it, a life lesson that we need to understand in order to help us move forward.
The Hanged Man is all about perspective, being in limbo, needing to understand something, being “stuck”. But… the man in the card, climbed into that situation himself. His decisions have caused him to find himself in a bit of a predicament… but that situation is immensely helpful to give him the perspective that he needs.
When the card is reversed, which is how we pulled it, it means that we are gaining that perspective. We are not the victim of our circumstances. We are very much aware that they are perspective giving and humble enough to be grateful for the mess we may have made. It’s a realization that we may have made the mess, but we can also unmake it, when we’re ready… and we’re almost ready. We are almost through the woods. The color is starting to come back to our cheeks from dangling so long… and we are close to being wiser for the experience. That is the goal of The Hanged Man. One of my favorite sayings by the late Dr. Wayne Dyer is “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” That is why we create (maybe unconsciously) these situations. So that we can get the perspective from a bit of discomfort and bring ourselves back around again.

The Hanged Man

Today, celebrate the fact that the end is near. Things are starting to become clearer and we are almost able to move forward, wiser and more humble from our upside down experience. That’s a beautiful thing!

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