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Card for the Day: The Dreamer

Good morning everyone!

I hope we are well, and that the cards pulled over the past few days have helped your life in some way/shape/form. They help me, keep me inspired, and give me some kind and gentle words to keep my head straight šŸ™‚

The card for today is from The Universe Has Your Back oracle deck by Gabby Bernstein and illustrated by Micaela Ezra.

Our card for today says —

I am the Dreamer of my Dream.

The Universe Has Your Back oracle deck

Your life is yours. Truly. It may not always feel like it is. Sometimes our responsibilities get the best of us and we lose ourselves… but at some point, we come back to life, realizing that we are actually in control of the dream.
And dreams have a way of giving us life. They are where our hopes and desires live. They are where our aspirations live. This is all run by us, we are the dreamer. This life is our dream. It is our masterpiece… our playground… our creation and it is our job to make it a beautiful dream.

Have a beautiful day.

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