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Card for the Day: The Magician

Good Morning my friends!
I’m so happy to share some awesome cards for the week with you. Today’s card comes to you from my husband, Jeramie – who pulled the card for me, and was the one that gave me this neat deck! We are working out of the Dragon Tarot by Terry Donaldson.

The Magician from The Dragon Tarot

The Magician:
The Magician card is one of the most empowering cards in the tarot. It is a major arcana card – meaning that it is a bit heavier and carries a life lesson with it. The Magician is also one of 3 cards in the tarot that shows the infinity sign. The creature in the card has all 4 elements surrounding him, earth (pentacles), fire (wands), water (cups) and air (swords). We break it down to understand that this card is telling us we are the master creator of our life. The Magician works fluidly with all of the elements. He takes every situation that comes into his experience and creates (magically!) from that experience. The infinity sign symbolizes that there is no end to what can be done. He understands that he is the creator. He understands that whatever element is in front of him, his job is to bend it, work with it and come out better on the other side. He knows he is the creator, above all things. He is the 2nd card in the major arcana, a very powerful leader going forward to create what he wants to see in his life.

Look at what is going on in your life, and look at where you want to go. Realize that everything is happening for you, so that you can magically take your experiences and bend them to your will. By recognizing your power of mind, and will – you create the path that you wish to forge ahead on.

What an awesome start to our week!
Own your power my magical friends.

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