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Card for the Day: Celebration

Good morning my friends. I hope you are well today 🙂

We are working out of my daughter Adelynn’s oracle card deck today. For her 7th birthday I gifted her the amazing Mystical Wisdom oracle card deck by Gaye Guthrie with illustrations by Josephine Wall.
I LOVE these cards.
I think they are absolutely beautiful and so very helpful and inspiring.

Today we pulled the Celebration card – which ironically we pulled a few weeks ago too! Apparently we really need to let down our guard and celebrate these days.

Celebration: Let go and have fun!
Now is the time to celebrate a special event and have some fun. Get ready for a party, wedding, graduation, a job promotion or festivity. This is the time to celebrate and be joyful. This is a special moment to spend with family and friends in a positive and uplifting environment. Let go of worry and doubt and focus on the abundance available to you right now. Eat, drink, dance, be merry and enjoy the pleasures and memories that these special occasions bring.
Mantra: I enjoy special moments with my loved ones and friends.

Mystical Wisdom Oracle Cards

As I said, this card was pulled a few weeks ago… so it’s really interesting to see it come up again. I feel, when a card repeats like this, it is really important that we absorb the message. There are things happening in your life that should be slowed down for, honored, CELEBRATED and recieved. Take a breather and bask in where you are. Enjoy the ones you hold dear. Be with them and tuck those memories into your mind. Take a bow when you look at your accomplishments. Be proud of yourself and give credit where it is due. Congratulate yourself and others.
Enjoy this time!

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