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Card for the Day: The Eyes of Love

Hello to you!

Today we have pulled a card from The Universe has Your Back oracle deck by Gabby Bernstein and illustrations by Mikaela Ezra. This is a great deck with beautiful illustrations. The mantras are all very short and sweet and are a great way to begin your day and carry through your head hour after hour.

Today’s card says…
I let go of the shadow of the past by seeing someone for the first time with the eyes of love.

The Universe has Your Back oracle cards

This card to me is all about forgiveness. When we forgive our self or others around us, we are able to see them in a new way. We are then able to have compassion and the knowing that we are human, and they are human, and at times we mess up – for lack of better terms. But when we hold on to the past, our old pains and hurts, our old grievances, we bring them into the future. It’s up to us to let these things go.
And what happens when we begin to open up to forgiveness? We begin to see clearly, through love. We love our self when we forgive our self. We love our partner, we love our friends, our family. We see them all lovingly with no past pain attached to them.

What a wonderful way to see the world around us.

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