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Card for the Day: Queen of Pentacles

Today we get to talk about one of my favorite tarot cards.
She’s a good one!

So what happens with tarot… is kind of neat. Each person is assigned a significator card, based on their astrological element. If you were born as a Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo, you are an earth sign and a pentacle card. If you were born an Aquarian, Gemini or Libra you are an air sign, or a sword card. If you were born a Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio, you are a water sign, or cup card. If you were born an Aries, Leo or Saggitarius, you are fire and fall into the wand tarot cards. Men are Kings, Women are Queens.

I happen to be a proud Capricorn woman, and therefore when the Queen of Pentacles shows up, she is often a reminder for me to remember who I am and go look in the mirror for a minute.

I love seeing this card, even though when I drew her, she did fall out reversed… that’s just a reminder for me to get back to who I really am.
The Queen of Pentacles is a grounded, solid, stable woman. She is happiest at home, in nature, feeling her feet on the ground beneath her. She is happy playing in the dirt, forest bathing, cooking in the kitchen, even working a satisfying job to pay for her lifestyle. She is a wonderful momma. She is balanced and harmonious. She thrives when things feel sturdy, solid and stable to her. She seeks to make sure everything is secure. She has resources. She has money to do what she needs – and wants – to do.
When she is reversed, it is a time to help her find her balance again. She feels uprooted. She feels like she may be losing control (of whatever she tries to control). She needs to get her ‘sea legs’ back and probably would benefit from a good hike, or a walk in the snow with the dogs, or even just standing barefoot on the beach for a few minutes.

The Dreaming Way Tarot

She is always a reminder for me, to be who I am. She encourages me to be the best version of myself, a loving partner, a good momma, a stable Capricorn goat, climbing and trying to make the best of life.

If you are her… be her.
If you love this woman as her partner, remind her of who she truly is.

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