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Card for the Day: I Am Uplifted

Good morning my friends. We have a lovely sweet little card for today.

We are working out of the Goddess on the Go oracle card deck. These cards are full of beautiful images and inspiring mantras. The deck was created by Amy Sophia Marashinsky with illustrations by Melissa Harris.

Goddess on the Go Oracle Cards

This card is such an optimistic reminder to us. Everything that happens can have a positive and uplifting result. Even situations that may seem bleak or difficult, if we are able to drop into a different space and realize that this can launch us in a new direction — we become uplifted by that potential.

In 2014, I was laid off from my job that I had been at for over 7 years. That experience was liberating to me. It changed my life and gave me more time to spend with my family and allowed me to become certified and start my life coaching practice. I was given unemployment for a few months and then opened my coaching studio. It was the beginning of so much in my life and it was such a blessing in disguise. Others saw my situation and were devastated for me… but that was not what I wanted, nor how I felt.

Everything that happens in your life is an opportunity to use for joy and growth. You can be empowered by things that seem positive (obviously!) AND things that seem negative.
I am uplifted by all that happens to me!

Have a wonderful UPLIFTED day!

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