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Ode to Ludo

On a little shelf, in a little house, sits a big cedar box engraved with your name.
Did you know how this year would go Bud? Did you know it was time to go before it was time to go? You must have known. 
Did you look at us from wherever you were and stick your big red paws into whatever you could to help us all along? Did you encourage that wonderful phone call to come? Did you play the right song on the radio after I prayed in the car for some help from someone somewhere?
Oh Joy…
Thank you my sweet boy. 

Did you lead us to the new pup via Celestite lined dreams? You and me and Luny and the name sprinkled in between… oh so subtly! 
And the right man and the right mom and the tiny litter that brought us another big red fluffy monster to love.
You helped with that didn’t you?

Oh what I wouldn’t do to sit with you again… just one more time, on the kitchen floor and rub your belly.
But the kitchen has shrunk. 
And the living room has too.
But pieces of you sit on the little shelf 
— and you aren’t just the body you left behind.
You are with us all always. 
This I know. 
I really know.
And I feel your presence around our funny family
2 cats, 2 kids, 2 dogs and 2 parents —
224 sq ft of space.
And you hold us together like you always have
With the promise of amazingly bright days ahead
And you in my heart and mind. 
365 days later Ludo
You help us move forward with the past behind.

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