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Happy Birthday Luna!

The only little lady out of a litter of 9.
No wonder.
No wonder you were quietly out for blood this whole time – my little Aries dog!
No wonder you held a bit of a grudge when 2 little girls loved us as much as you. And it’s been 12 years on this day, since your wonderful April birthday. The longest amount of time that we’ve shared with one of your big fluffy kinds!

So we celebrated by taking you on a VERY long drive. 

Down to the sea, near where we used to be, in a time years ago of discovery. And you were always along for the ride. Making lemons from lemonade as we saw all that Virginia gave. While we learned how to live. In a big cozy home, with a fluffy bed for you Luna Moona. And Ludo too…  But he didn’t quite make 12 years like you!
11 and 10 months.
But  it’s your job now too, to groom Apollo to be the new “man” of the house full of ladies!

Rest your head on the deck, watching the birds dance and fly around the early April Virginia Spring Sky. 

Pretty momma. 
Luna Moona. 
Luny Bear. 

Our beautiful girl with an impressive Malamute resume.
But that’s not why we have held you dear for all of these years. 

Although, I must say, you pulled me up the highest peak in NY State, and for that I am forever grateful! (Because it paved the way for the mountains where we will someday build a base…)

We look out over these 12 wonderful years Luna, like we look out over the peak of 5,344 feet – and we see… deep knowing chocolate brown eyes. So wise. This girl who would die for her family if they asked her to. The loyalty and love of a Malamute. 

She’s a free spirit just like me, and if you make her upset, she’ll run off free — because like me, she likes a good chase. And if you seem to turn your back and toss up your hands angrily — turn around and see that she’s there again, right by your side, holding your (paw) er – hand. She’ll babysit the kittens, the chickens but not the kids. She’ll turn up her nose at whatever you give, unless it’s cheese… and she’ll surely, most definitely take over your bed.
Remind me again, when are we upgrading from a Queen to a King?
She’ll roll on your blankets, and bury her head, dance around crazy and take a few spins, as she tries to get comfy again.

Oh Luna Moona, how the time flies by my dear friend. 

And I’m a day late – or two – please forgive me…

But from the bottom of my heart —

Happy Birthday to our fiery fluffy baby.

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