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Personal Rainbows

First off… I have not written in months and I hate it.
Life has gotten so crazy and busy and nuts and the thing I love most – writing, venting, communicating and uplifting has sadly fallen to the wayside.

Maybe that’s why this happened!

On Sunday I decided I needed to take our malamute Luna for a bike ride. Nothing crazy, just over a mile down the road and back. I grabbed my hoodie, her leash and we saddled up to go out for 10 minutes. When I got on my bike the sky looked daunting. It was cold and there were gray clouds everywhere. ‘We’ll be fine’ I thought to myself and off we went. After a minute, the sky burst open with sunlight. Off in the distance, the sun was poking through a cloud/mountain combination and cast gold yellow light all around us. The hay field next to the road was alive and gold with sunlight. It made me smile. I felt like I was in a dream!
I said to Luna, ‘this is rainbow weather momma!’ and hoped that I’d be so lucky. I watched the sky all around me, trying not veer off into a ditch. I turned around in our normal spot on the side of the road, and there in a neighbor’s backyard was the end of a VIBRANT full rainbow. My face lit up at the sight. As I continued riding my bike, it was evident that this rainbow came with a bit of a price tag, as we rode straight into a downpour. It was okay though. The sky was alive with light and rain and the rainbow was a full arch and even the beginning of a double rainbow appeared.
I didn’t have a phone to take a photo.
I kept riding through the cold rain, basking at the sight.
No cars passed.
Luna, me, and the cows on the side of the road saw this beauty of an omen… and by the time I parked my bike, it was gone.

Now it’s Friday.
This morning I got the girls ready for school, unsure of what type of jacket to suggest to them. We went with hooded sweatshirts and pulled out of the driveway in the car. I have to admit, I’m a huge sky watcher. I love clouds, light, sunshine, birds, stars, the colors that present themselves. I pay attention to this stuff on a regular basis. As we were driving, the weather reminded me of Sunday. Dark threatening clouds were over head. Patches of vibrant sunlight were poking through here and there. Add to that the morning mist coming off of the mountains. All of the necessary ingredients for yet another rainbow sighting.
Again, I reminded myself to focus on my driving (to avoid ditches!) and not focus so much on the sky.
I dropped the girls off at school and decided to retrace my drive home, taking the longer route.
As I came around a corner, the sun shone through on a (different) hay field, soaking it in gold morning light.
And there, again… the base of another vibrant rainbow.
I pulled the car over and this time was able to snap a few photos.
No one else was around.
No cars drove by.
This one too, felt like a personal rainbow placed strategically for me, because I had asked to see one.

It’s been a wild few months in my life. We have changed scenery more times than I care to admit, and are days away from closing on a new house. We have travelled near and far, taken on exciting new adventures that sometimes are laced in old fears. But each day I wake up and see what is in store for me. There aren’t a lot of things I have control of in my life, but when something like 2 rainbows in a week show up, it just reminds me that things are going to be alright.
Take time to look up my friends.
And try to avoid the ditches ❤

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