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Card for the Day: The Chariot

Several weeks ago I stumbled upon an awesome new Tarot deck. And when I say new, I mean it was just published in the past year.

For those of you who don’t know me well… I’m a dog lover. I have sled dogs, Alaskan Malamutes actually. My husband and I have owned malamutes for the past 14 years and plan to continue keeping them in our lives as we grow old together 🙂

So when I was doing some Christmas shopping in Plattsburgh NY a few weeks ago, and saw the beautiful illustration of ((what looked like a malamute to me)) on the side of The Wise Dog Tarot deck, I knew this deck had to come home with me.

The card that we have pulled for today is The Chariot card, complete with a sled dog team.
How happy that makes me!

The Chariot is a really cool card in the Tarot. It is a major arcana card, which means that it is a bigger, life lesson type of a card. The major arcana cards come in when we hit some kind of a milestone.
The card is all about physical success, progress, movement, going forward in your life. A lot of times it is indicative of some kind of major accomplishment that you may be noticing in your life. Maybe a new career, a new house or home, a nod to you and your physical successes.

What I like about the card in the Wise Dog Tarot is of course, the symbolism of the sled team. My husband Jeramie and I have been recreational sledders for 12 years or so… and I’ll tell you, there’s something so amazing about riding on a dogsled. The feeling you get is exhilaration, and appreciation for the creatures pulling you, who are indeed doing what they love and are born to do.
What do you love?
What were you born to do?

Let’s look at this Chariot card as a reminder to follow the sled dog lead… doing what you love, feeling that sense of accomplishment, success and pride in your life, moving forward, feeling the wind on your face and that lightness in your heart as you launch down the trail to where you want to go.

Onward and upward my friends!

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