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Card for the Day: Eostara

I was introduced to the Goddess Spirit oracle deck (by Rachel Johnson) about a year ago. I had purchased the deck to go in my office that was comprised primarily of female coworkers. I didn’t have the same relationship when I first got it as I do now.
For about 4 months, I have been pulling almost daily out of this deck and it has inspired me so many times over. I really love that the deck integrates aspects of the major arcana in the tarot, and also the chakra system for physical guidance and healing.

The card for today is #36, Eostara.
This is a wildly appropriate card as we just entered the spring equinox, the snow is melting, the rivers are flowing, and seeds are budding in my sunny windows.

The keywords for this goddess are: Fruition, Ease and Relaxation.
Wildly appropriate as today is my scheduled day off and I felt the overwhelming need to sit, relax, write and let things just flow naturally.
I encourage you to do the same!

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