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Card for the Day: 5 of Wands

We are working with some fiery wand energy today my friends!!
The deck our card has been pulled from is The Wise Dog tarot, by MJ Cullinane. I LOVE this deck. I bought it about two years ago because the image on the side of the box showing two sled dogs, reminded me so much of my two sled dogs… I just had to have it.
I’ve pulled from this deck daily since October and I have a real love for the illustration style, and all of the symbolism MJ has in the deck.

5 of Wands is a card that talks about intense energy, opinions and at times arguing. Our wand cards come with fire and are affiliated with passion, energy and intensity. 5 has a feeling of change… so when this card shows up, it’s asking if we can change the energy that is happening around us, and to pay attention to what we may be adding fire to.

I see this card as the “everyone and their opinion” card. It’s great to have your opinion, but keep in mind, it’s YOURS. And others have theirs. There is a need to listen to others ideas and passions with this card, and to be respectful of what is going on around you. Do you feel heard? Why are we raising our voices? I’ve found, in my house full of people and creatures, the reason behind bickering, arguing, and yelling is because we feel unheard.

The antidote to fire will always be a bit of water… so while we may feel swept away in all of the energy, we would be wise to channel our watery emotional side, and have compassion for those we might be – er – yelling with 🙂
Remember, you want to be heard too!

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