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Card for the Day: The Moon Queen

Good morning friends!
Today we are working out of a deck that I purchased for my oldest daughter several years ago. This deck – Tarot for Kids by Theresa Reed (Illustrated by Kailey Whitman) is a beautiful and gentle deck for kids who may be interested in learning about Tarot. The cards are really sweet, big and colorful, and the deck comes with a thought provoking guidebook.

Today we are going to be working with ‘The Moon Queen’ – or The High Priestess as she is usually known.
The High Priestess is one of the 22 major arcana cards and is a favorite of mine; and usually a favorite of most women who read tarot or are connected to their intuitive side. Why? Because that’s who The High Priestess/Moon Queen is!
She’s a woman who understands who she really is. She is a dreamer, she is naturally intuitive. She knows things on a level that might be difficult to understand for someone a bit less in touch with their intuitive side. She doesn’t ever see things as ‘black and white’ – she sits in the middle of the gray. She is non biased. She sees potential in all things, and knows that even in the middle of difficulty, there is a profound lesson waiting to be acknowledged. She holds people to a higher level. She IS the higher level. She’s not afraid of anything and is actually quite comfortable working in the subconscious mind, bringing our old fears and beliefs up and out into the light, to transform and understand, and help us move forward.

Her mantra is to trust your intuition.
You know.

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