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We tell ourselves it will be different this time. Just let me get a better career - and I SWEAR... that will change everything.Or the house.Or more money. Let me keep distracting myself with all of my goals.But goal setting, dreaming, isn't that a good thing? Aren't we supposed to do all of those things?Well...… Continue reading Chasing

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Crystal for the Day: Pearl Calcite

We are going to be working out of a really fantastic crystal oracle deck today. Several years ago when my family and I moved to the Adirondacks, I stumbled upon a great crystal deck at Dartbrook Rustic Goods, a little shop in Keene NY. The Lavish Earth deck is BY FAR the best crystal deck… Continue reading Crystal for the Day: Pearl Calcite

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Card for the Day: The Moon Queen

Good morning friends!Today we are working out of a deck that I purchased for my oldest daughter several years ago. This deck - Tarot for Kids by Theresa Reed (Illustrated by Kailey Whitman) is a beautiful and gentle deck for kids who may be interested in learning about Tarot. The cards are really sweet, big… Continue reading Card for the Day: The Moon Queen

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Card for the Day: 5 of Wands

We are working with some fiery wand energy today my friends!! The deck our card has been pulled from is The Wise Dog tarot, by MJ Cullinane. I LOVE this deck. I bought it about two years ago because the image on the side of the box showing two sled dogs, reminded me so much… Continue reading Card for the Day: 5 of Wands

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Card for the Day: Eostara

I was introduced to the Goddess Spirit oracle deck (by Rachel Johnson) about a year ago. I had purchased the deck to go in my office that was comprised primarily of female coworkers. I didn't have the same relationship when I first got it as I do now. For about 4 months, I have been… Continue reading Card for the Day: Eostara


A Reading

I felt compelled to do a reading for you all today... so here it is. The deck I'm working out of is a relatively new one, The Wise Dog Tarot by MJ Cullinane. This is a beautiful deck for animal lovers that found me last winter. I have been using it a lot over the… Continue reading A Reading

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With Love, From Luna

What happens when our pets pass?


An Update of Life

It's been a while. I feel like I start a lot of posts with that sentence, which is a sad thing given that I love to write about things that inspire me...Alas, there's no time like the present. So let's catch up shall we?My husband and I bought a house almost a year ago. We… Continue reading An Update of Life

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Card for the Day: The Chariot

Several weeks ago I stumbled upon an awesome new Tarot deck. And when I say new, I mean it was just published in the past year. For those of you who don't know me well... I'm a dog lover. I have sled dogs, Alaskan Malamutes actually. My husband and I have owned malamutes for the… Continue reading Card for the Day: The Chariot

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Do What You LOVE…. DAMMIT!

This may be one of the more odd posts I've put up. And for that, I apologize. But it just popped into my head as I sat down... and got distracted into doing something that made me happier than what I thought I was going to do when I sat down. Get me? Do you… Continue reading Do What You LOVE…. DAMMIT!