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With Love, From Luna

What happens when our pets pass?

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Personal Rainbows

First off... I have not written in months and I hate it.Life has gotten so crazy and busy and nuts and the thing I love most - writing, venting, communicating and uplifting has sadly fallen to the wayside. Maybe that's why this happened! On Sunday I decided I needed to take our malamute Luna for… Continue reading Personal Rainbows

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Ode to Ludo

On a little shelf, in a little house, sits a big cedar box engraved with your name.Did you know how this year would go Bud? Did you know it was time to go before it was time to go? You must have known. Did you look at us from wherever you were and stick your big red… Continue reading Ode to Ludo

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Card for the Day: The Dreamer

Good morning everyone! I hope we are well, and that the cards pulled over the past few days have helped your life in some way/shape/form. They help me, keep me inspired, and give me some kind and gentle words to keep my head straight 🙂 The card for today is from The Universe Has Your… Continue reading Card for the Day: The Dreamer

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Card for the Day: Celebration!

Good morning! Today's card is coming to us from The Mystical Wisdom Oracle card deck, with illustrations from the amazing Josephine Wall and card meanings by Gaye Guthrie. I LOVE that this is the card that came up for today... because today... is my Grandma Barbara's 83rd birthday... and tomorrow is my mom's 63rd birthday!… Continue reading Card for the Day: Celebration!

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Card for the Day: Creating the Best

Good morning beautiful people ❤ Today's card is coming to us from the sweet Goddess on the Go oracle deck by Amy Sophia Marashinsky, with illustrations by Melissa Harris. The card we pulled says -- I am creating the best for myself. Goddess on the Go oracle cards One of the reasons that I really… Continue reading Card for the Day: Creating the Best

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Card for the Day: Your Inner Light

It's a beautiful snowy day my friends. I'm here with you, and my music, and my coffee and an inspiring card for our day today. We are working out of The Universe has Your Back oracle deck by Gabby Bernstein, with illustrations by Micaela Ezra. The card for today says: When I focus on my… Continue reading Card for the Day: Your Inner Light

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Card for the Day: One with Nature

Hey there my friends. Todays card comes to us from a new little deck that I'm really enjoying - The Goddess on the Go oracle deck by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and illustrations by Melissa Harris. Today we have pulled the card that states "I am one with nature."If there is one thing that has kept… Continue reading Card for the Day: One with Nature

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Card for the Day: Queen of Swords

Good Morning my friends! I hope we are all doing well today. Here is a look at the lovely card pulled for us! We are working out of the Dragon Tarot card deck - a deck very new to me, a Christmas gift from my beloved a few weeks ago. This deck is very attractive,… Continue reading Card for the Day: Queen of Swords

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There’s trouble a brewin’ child… you know, you can feel it in the morning coffee air.Zip your lips and remember, take nothing personally.Listen to that gentle Capricorn voice in your head and do as she says.Go to the woods.Go and feel the earth beneath your feet, with fluffy companions to drag you up (or down)… Continue reading Earth

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Everywhere You Go

In the sleepy hours of the morning, between tears and confusion, self soothing myself toward comfort - I try to find clarity. I have seen many material things, including the house I was renting come and go over the past few months. I am now, along with my dear husband, 2 children, 2 cats and… Continue reading Everywhere You Go

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I let the phone gently hit the floor With a dull and crashing thud It had to be done I was glued to the thing And paying attention to superficial me Worried about likes and loves It’s irrelevant you see I’m banging my head up against the wall On a rather regular basis I’ve forgotten… Continue reading Confession

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Science of the Soul

Several months ago I sat at my computer reading over a list of possible retreat options. Usually once a year, if not twice, I visit The Peace Village... a meditation and learning center located in the Catskill Mountains, about 90 minutes from my home in upstate New York. I have been to several different themed… Continue reading Science of the Soul

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Your Work

Over the past few months I have been making some pretty important discoveries while reading Tarot. There are many different "types" of cards that come into play during the course of the readings. There are some cards that are about your mind, thinking and logic. There are some that are more geared at your emotions,… Continue reading Your Work

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Understanding the Anger

On the surface, I look like a pretty happy person. I have a wonderful life, children and a husband that I love, and that love me unconditionally. I have happy animals, a sweet and comfortable home. I have food in my belly, medications to keep me healthy. I have family around me, friends who love… Continue reading Understanding the Anger

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I Can Do This!

I started snowboarding when I was 16 years old. I had never skied or really did anything in the snow with the exception of some sledding in my younger years. I could tell you horror stories about my first year learning to ride a snowboard, but in time... I began to get more comfortable and… Continue reading I Can Do This!

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Death, Birth and The Cicada

Learn about how we transform during death. Death is a major part of life, and a beautiful part. Use that as our platform to learn from, know that we can die to anything and become a stronger version of ourselves.


Don’t Judge a Book by the Cover

It was a wild way that the book Illusions, by Richard Bach came into my life. I think that when you have something really amazing in your grips, the Universe makes sure it’s memorable for you. I’ve told this story more times than I can remember, so I suppose I should finally write it down!… Continue reading Don’t Judge a Book by the Cover


Who is the Devil?

Every day I pull three Tarot cards for myself from an app that I really like. It gives me my daily horoscope and a past, present and future card. Today's card: The Devil. Actually, The Devil came up for me in my reading 2 days ago as well... I firmly believe, and I'll go into… Continue reading Who is the Devil?


The Teachings that Saved My Life

These are strong words, but there is weight in every single one of them and I mean them to the core of me. If you have not heard of Abraham and Esther Hicks, open up a new window and Google them. Go do it, right now. It was January of 2014 and I was having… Continue reading The Teachings that Saved My Life

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We tell ourselves it will be different this time. Just let me get a better career - and I SWEAR... that will change everything.Or the house.Or more money. Let me keep distracting myself with all of my goals.But goal setting, dreaming, isn't that a good thing? Aren't we supposed to do all of those things?Well...… Continue reading Chasing

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Crystal for the Day: Pearl Calcite

We are going to be working out of a really fantastic crystal oracle deck today. Several years ago when my family and I moved to the Adirondacks, I stumbled upon a great crystal deck at Dartbrook Rustic Goods, a little shop in Keene NY. The Lavish Earth deck is BY FAR the best crystal deck… Continue reading Crystal for the Day: Pearl Calcite

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Card for the Day: The Moon Queen

Good morning friends!Today we are working out of a deck that I purchased for my oldest daughter several years ago. This deck - Tarot for Kids by Theresa Reed (Illustrated by Kailey Whitman) is a beautiful and gentle deck for kids who may be interested in learning about Tarot. The cards are really sweet, big… Continue reading Card for the Day: The Moon Queen

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Card for the Day: 5 of Wands

We are working with some fiery wand energy today my friends!! The deck our card has been pulled from is The Wise Dog tarot, by MJ Cullinane. I LOVE this deck. I bought it about two years ago because the image on the side of the box showing two sled dogs, reminded me so much… Continue reading Card for the Day: 5 of Wands

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Card for the Day: Eostara

I was introduced to the Goddess Spirit oracle deck (by Rachel Johnson) about a year ago. I had purchased the deck to go in my office that was comprised primarily of female coworkers. I didn't have the same relationship when I first got it as I do now. For about 4 months, I have been… Continue reading Card for the Day: Eostara


A Reading

I felt compelled to do a reading for you all today... so here it is. The deck I'm working out of is a relatively new one, The Wise Dog Tarot by MJ Cullinane. This is a beautiful deck for animal lovers that found me last winter. I have been using it a lot over the… Continue reading A Reading


An Update of Life

It's been a while. I feel like I start a lot of posts with that sentence, which is a sad thing given that I love to write about things that inspire me...Alas, there's no time like the present. So let's catch up shall we?My husband and I bought a house almost a year ago. We… Continue reading An Update of Life

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Card for the Day: The Chariot

Several weeks ago I stumbled upon an awesome new Tarot deck. And when I say new, I mean it was just published in the past year. For those of you who don't know me well... I'm a dog lover. I have sled dogs, Alaskan Malamutes actually. My husband and I have owned malamutes for the… Continue reading Card for the Day: The Chariot

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Do What You LOVE…. DAMMIT!

This may be one of the more odd posts I've put up. And for that, I apologize. But it just popped into my head as I sat down... and got distracted into doing something that made me happier than what I thought I was going to do when I sat down. Get me? Do you… Continue reading Do What You LOVE…. DAMMIT!