An excerpt from the book I'm reading... Mirari: The Way of the Mary's by Mari Perron. "People say now that you cannot 'make' anyone feel anything. And yet a word, as well as a look, can wither, or elate. Something has been conveyed. As the sun has effect, the words, the actions, the look in… Continue reading Words

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Card for the Day: Choose Love

I hope you are all having a good day so far. I have to say, this morning was hard to ease into. There were cats talking very early in the morning, dogs whining and barking, children up and down - and all I wanted was that precious extra 10 minutes to sleep. I would close… Continue reading Card for the Day: Choose Love

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Reading for the Day: Dragon Tarot

Today I feel pulled to dive in with more information for us and do a nice 3 card tarot spread. For those of you who have never heard how my readings work, please feel free to check out some of the videos on the Natural Peace Living Facebook page. For today we will discuss these… Continue reading Reading for the Day: Dragon Tarot

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Card for the Day: One with Nature

Hey there my friends. Todays card comes to us from a new little deck that I'm really enjoying - The Goddess on the Go oracle deck by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and illustrations by Melissa Harris. Today we have pulled the card that states "I am one with nature."If there is one thing that has kept… Continue reading Card for the Day: One with Nature

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Card for the Day: The (Snowy) Unicorn

This card... there's an awesome story behind - and whenever The Unicorn shows up, (s)he brings magic along. About 18 months ago, my daughter Adelynn and I were visiting with a friend of mine who was using the Kim Krans Animal Spirit Oracle card deck. Adelynn loved the deck and more importantly, loved the Unicorn… Continue reading Card for the Day: The (Snowy) Unicorn


Card for the Day: 6 of Cups

Rise and shine my friends and happy Monday! I'm getting ready to bring my kiddos to school where I also work part time as a 1st grade teacher aide. Appropriately... The card for today is the 6 of Cups. This card asks us to see kindness and purity. It focuses on generosity and doing things… Continue reading Card for the Day: 6 of Cups

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Roads Traveled

Sometimes my stones keep me up at nightThey shower me in a silvery blue glowLike the light from the soft sliver new moonSubtle, but still thereAnd I awake in the morning wondering where I’ve been. On the road a few days agoI planted a seed of things to doPeople to seePlaces to goAnd dismissed them… Continue reading Roads Traveled

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Barely awake but the words are still ripe in my mind'Write about yellow.' Yellow?Why yellow?Silence. Okay…And after rolling to the right side, to break my sleepy cycle, with weird dream directions fresh in my mind… ironic that the yellowy solar plexus is bothering me from conscious minute one.A weird pressing pain that takes me several… Continue reading Yellow

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There’s trouble a brewin’ child… you know, you can feel it in the morning coffee air.Zip your lips and remember, take nothing personally.Listen to that gentle Capricorn voice in your head and do as she says.Go to the woods.Go and feel the earth beneath your feet, with fluffy companions to drag you up (or down)… Continue reading Earth

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I woke from a familiar dream of you and I playing make believe. I the Beauty -  and you, the Beast… and the symbolism became certain to me. What is this dream that I know so well trying yet again to tell?  It tells of love like all will do. It tells of the projection… Continue reading Beautiful