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Personal Rainbows

First off... I have not written in months and I hate it.Life has gotten so crazy and busy and nuts and the thing I love most - writing, venting, communicating and uplifting has sadly fallen to the wayside. Maybe that's why this happened! On Sunday I decided I needed to take our malamute Luna for… Continue reading Personal Rainbows

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Happy Birthday Luna!

The only little lady out of a litter of 9. No wonder. No wonder you were quietly out for blood this whole time - my little Aries dog! No wonder you held a bit of a grudge when 2 little girls loved us as much as you. And it’s been 12 years on this day,… Continue reading Happy Birthday Luna!

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Ode to Ludo

On a little shelf, in a little house, sits a big cedar box engraved with your name.Did you know how this year would go Bud? Did you know it was time to go before it was time to go? You must have known. Did you look at us from wherever you were and stick your big red… Continue reading Ode to Ludo

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Card for the Day: The Hanged Man (Reversed)

Hello my friends! Today we are going to be working out of a normal Tarot deck instead of pulling an oracle card. The deck we are using is very unique- The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans. I was given this deck by a good friend and have only used it a few times, but… Continue reading Card for the Day: The Hanged Man (Reversed)


Card for the Day: Vacation

Hello my lovelies! Today we are working with one of my FAVORITE decks... The Mystical Wisdom Oracle deck by Gaye Guthrie and illustrations by Josephine Wall. I LOVE these cards. And today our card is wildly appropriate. Last week as I was working my shift at our local school I realized I needed to set… Continue reading Card for the Day: Vacation

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Card for the Day: Grateful!

Hello my friends! The card for today is pulled from the Goddess on the Go oracle deck, by Amy Sophia Marashinsky, with artistry by Melissa Harris. I love seeing how things play so nicely with each other.Yesterday, we pulled The Sow card from the Druid Animal Oracle, which spoke all about being abundant and giving.… Continue reading Card for the Day: Grateful!

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We are, as of this very second, moving into a New time. It's time. It's actually long past time, so stand up and shake yourself off because it is time to move forward. The first time it really hit me, was after a trance like place when a teacher told me that I was enveloped… Continue reading Feminine



An excerpt from the book I'm reading... Mirari: The Way of the Mary's by Mari Perron. "People say now that you cannot 'make' anyone feel anything. And yet a word, as well as a look, can wither, or elate. Something has been conveyed. As the sun has effect, the words, the actions, the look in… Continue reading Words

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Card for the Day: Choose Love

I hope you are all having a good day so far. I have to say, this morning was hard to ease into. There were cats talking very early in the morning, dogs whining and barking, children up and down - and all I wanted was that precious extra 10 minutes to sleep. I would close… Continue reading Card for the Day: Choose Love

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Reading for the Day: Dragon Tarot

Today I feel pulled to dive in with more information for us and do a nice 3 card tarot spread. For those of you who have never heard how my readings work, please feel free to check out some of the videos on the Natural Peace Living Facebook page. For today we will discuss these… Continue reading Reading for the Day: Dragon Tarot