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We tell ourselves it will be different this time. Just let me get a better career - and I SWEAR... that will change everything.Or the house.Or more money. Let me keep distracting myself with all of my goals.But goal setting, dreaming, isn't that a good thing? Aren't we supposed to do all of those things?Well...… Continue reading Chasing

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Crystal for the Day: Pearl Calcite

We are going to be working out of a really fantastic crystal oracle deck today. Several years ago when my family and I moved to the Adirondacks, I stumbled upon a great crystal deck at Dartbrook Rustic Goods, a little shop in Keene NY. The Lavish Earth deck is BY FAR the best crystal deck… Continue reading Crystal for the Day: Pearl Calcite

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Card for the Day: The Moon Queen

Good morning friends!Today we are working out of a deck that I purchased for my oldest daughter several years ago. This deck - Tarot for Kids by Theresa Reed (Illustrated by Kailey Whitman) is a beautiful and gentle deck for kids who may be interested in learning about Tarot. The cards are really sweet, big… Continue reading Card for the Day: The Moon Queen

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Card for the Day: 5 of Wands

We are working with some fiery wand energy today my friends!! The deck our card has been pulled from is The Wise Dog tarot, by MJ Cullinane. I LOVE this deck. I bought it about two years ago because the image on the side of the box showing two sled dogs, reminded me so much… Continue reading Card for the Day: 5 of Wands

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With Love, From Luna

What happens when our pets pass?

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Card for the Day: The Chariot

Several weeks ago I stumbled upon an awesome new Tarot deck. And when I say new, I mean it was just published in the past year. For those of you who don't know me well... I'm a dog lover. I have sled dogs, Alaskan Malamutes actually. My husband and I have owned malamutes for the… Continue reading Card for the Day: The Chariot

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Do What You LOVE…. DAMMIT!

This may be one of the more odd posts I've put up. And for that, I apologize. But it just popped into my head as I sat down... and got distracted into doing something that made me happier than what I thought I was going to do when I sat down. Get me? Do you… Continue reading Do What You LOVE…. DAMMIT!

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Personal Rainbows

First off... I have not written in months and I hate it.Life has gotten so crazy and busy and nuts and the thing I love most - writing, venting, communicating and uplifting has sadly fallen to the wayside. Maybe that's why this happened! On Sunday I decided I needed to take our malamute Luna for… Continue reading Personal Rainbows

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A Brief Reflection on Space

It's the space we needed to reunite. It's the seeing of our own unique strengths and the standing in them. It's the love that we hold for the other that keeps us expanding ever more. It's the natural love. It's the grounding. It's the sense of purpose, individual purpose, that reminds us who we are.… Continue reading A Brief Reflection on Space

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Ode to Ludo

On a little shelf, in a little house, sits a big cedar box engraved with your name.Did you know how this year would go Bud? Did you know it was time to go before it was time to go? You must have known. Did you look at us from wherever you were and stick your big red… Continue reading Ode to Ludo