Tarot Guidance

For about a year I had a really great Tarot Deck sitting in my night stand that I had barely ever used. Then one day I pulled it out and read cards for my mom. She was impressed… I brought the cards with me to my next session with one of my regular clients and did her cards as well. She LOVED them.
The cards always validate. I’ve done readings for so many people… men, women, believers and even skeptics – they are always accurate.

My readings are 6 Card spreads with an optional 7th (conclusion) card. They usually take about 20 minutes and are very detailed and insightful. I have never seen a reading come back that doesn’t make sense to the person on the other end of the table.

Most people feel a tremendous amount of validation after a reading. They no longer feel like they are going unnoticed. Their questions have been heard, they feel clearer, more optimistic and ready to move forward.

Readings are $25

Reading at a New Moon Ceremony


Tarot Guidance can be given in person, via Skype, email or phone.
I can’t wait to help you get the validation you are seeking.

Tarot Session