Life Coaching is a very “future focused” process that will completely change how you see the life you’ve created.

(Yup, you created!)

Many of us have defaulted to a lifestyle that isn’t fulfilling. It’s not intentional… it’s our habit of thinking. We are so good at thinking about what’s gone wrong, we have totally forgotten how to see all the good around us! It’s time to start focusing on what you want and the awesome things all around  you.

So what do you want?
(better job, prosperity, a lover, fulfillment etc…)

Only you know what you really want. And sometimes, you may not have a clue about what that is anymore!
We all forget what we love sometimes, it’s okay…

Through Coaching we will begin to examine exactly what it is that is important to you, we will activate it, we’ll begin rewiring your belief systems and changing the way you see the life you’re living. You will learn to accept and love yourself, and in turn accept the people and circumstances around you. You will begin to appreciate more of the things that you have around you and that will amplify to even more wonderful things for you to appreciate!


My sessions are conducted in person or via Skype and last an hour. During the session we will discuss what you are wanting to see in your life. What makes me different than most Coaches is that I use Tarot as a medium to open up the dialogue and validate where you are. There is a lot of insight possible in a reading and this is a great way to channel our attention in the perfect direction for you.
Each session is custom to you and what is going on in your life.

My methods are gentle, kind, empowering and uplifting.
I don’t believe that you NEED to work with me, but I can certainly help inspire you and activate that passion that you may not have in your life today.

Your first consultation is Free.
After that the price breakdown is as follows:

1 Session at a Time: $100
4 Sessions: $375
8 Sessions: $750

Single Coaching Session

Purchase your Coaching session and then email or call to set up a time/place (Skype or in person) to meet.