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Card for the Day: Ace of Cups

Hi there party people! I hope we are doing well today 🙂 Today, we're going to go back to Tarot and working out of The Dragon Tarot deck by Terry Donaldson and artwork by  Peter Pracownik. This deck was a thoughtful gift for Christmas this year from my husband Jeramie - who is a huge… Continue reading Card for the Day: Ace of Cups

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Emotionally Activated – Magically Created!

For about 3 months now I've been working with the amazing people over at Transformation Radio FM... an awesome internet radio group helping people change their lives. On 10/10/17 at 10am pacific time (or 1pm est) the first episode of Natural Peace Radio will be airing! Yours truly along with Dr. Pat Baccili - the… Continue reading Emotionally Activated – Magically Created!