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Do What You LOVE…. DAMMIT!

This may be one of the more odd posts I've put up. And for that, I apologize. But it just popped into my head as I sat down... and got distracted into doing something that made me happier than what I thought I was going to do when I sat down. Get me? Do you… Continue reading Do What You LOVE…. DAMMIT!

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A Brief Reflection on Space

It's the space we needed to reunite. It's the seeing of our own unique strengths and the standing in them. It's the love that we hold for the other that keeps us expanding ever more. It's the natural love. It's the grounding. It's the sense of purpose, individual purpose, that reminds us who we are.… Continue reading A Brief Reflection on Space

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Card for the Day: Celebration

Good morning my friends. I hope you are well today 🙂 We are working out of my daughter Adelynn's oracle card deck today. For her 7th birthday I gifted her the amazing Mystical Wisdom oracle card deck by Gaye Guthrie with illustrations by Josephine Wall. I LOVE these cards. I think they are absolutely beautiful… Continue reading Card for the Day: Celebration

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Card for the Day: Celebration!

Good morning! Today's card is coming to us from The Mystical Wisdom Oracle card deck, with illustrations from the amazing Josephine Wall and card meanings by Gaye Guthrie. I LOVE that this is the card that came up for today... because today... is my Grandma Barbara's 83rd birthday... and tomorrow is my mom's 63rd birthday!… Continue reading Card for the Day: Celebration!

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Card for the Day: Faith in the Universe

Hello my friends. Today we are pulling from The Universe has Your Back oracle deck, by Gabby Bernstein with illustrations by Micaela Ezra. This is another beautiful deck, very simple, and just enough to give you something soft to think of during your day. The card we have pulled says: My happiness is a direct… Continue reading Card for the Day: Faith in the Universe

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Card for the Day: Grateful!

Hello my friends! The card for today is pulled from the Goddess on the Go oracle deck, by Amy Sophia Marashinsky, with artistry by Melissa Harris. I love seeing how things play so nicely with each other.Yesterday, we pulled The Sow card from the Druid Animal Oracle, which spoke all about being abundant and giving.… Continue reading Card for the Day: Grateful!

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Christmas Eve: Card for the Day…

Today we are going with a short and sweet message. The deck we're using is a beautiful deck, The Universe has Your Back Oracle cards. Joy is the ultimate creator. This is very appropriate as we move into the Christmas season. Regardless of the difficulty in 2020, Christmas is here and brings with it the… Continue reading Christmas Eve: Card for the Day…

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Everywhere You Go

In the sleepy hours of the morning, between tears and confusion, self soothing myself toward comfort - I try to find clarity. I have seen many material things, including the house I was renting come and go over the past few months. I am now, along with my dear husband, 2 children, 2 cats and… Continue reading Everywhere You Go

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What a strange concept. We attach it to everything, everyone, feeling, and experience.  Well, was it worth it? How do you know what something is worth? An idea completely dictated by the idea of judging against. But what we have yet to fully understand is the individual complexity, our uniqueness and perspective is what makes… Continue reading Worth

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Creating Love

When you wake up with the sun Early in the morning And your heart is alive and singing So you put on the music to match your mood You are creating the feeling of love. When he holds you in his arms And you feel safe and warm And your wrapped up close and tight… Continue reading Creating Love