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We tell ourselves it will be different this time. Just let me get a better career - and I SWEAR... that will change everything.Or the house.Or more money. Let me keep distracting myself with all of my goals.But goal setting, dreaming, isn't that a good thing? Aren't we supposed to do all of those things?Well...… Continue reading Chasing


An Update of Life

It's been a while. I feel like I start a lot of posts with that sentence, which is a sad thing given that I love to write about things that inspire me...Alas, there's no time like the present. So let's catch up shall we?My husband and I bought a house almost a year ago. We… Continue reading An Update of Life

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Card for the Day: The Dreamer

Good morning everyone! I hope we are well, and that the cards pulled over the past few days have helped your life in some way/shape/form. They help me, keep me inspired, and give me some kind and gentle words to keep my head straight 🙂 The card for today is from The Universe Has Your… Continue reading Card for the Day: The Dreamer

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Card for the Day: Creating the Best

Good morning beautiful people ❤ Today's card is coming to us from the sweet Goddess on the Go oracle deck by Amy Sophia Marashinsky, with illustrations by Melissa Harris. The card we pulled says -- I am creating the best for myself. Goddess on the Go oracle cards One of the reasons that I really… Continue reading Card for the Day: Creating the Best

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Card for the Day: Wheel of Fortune

Hey friends!! Here's a wonderful card for the day for all of us! We are working out of my new Christmas gift tarot deck, The Dragon Tarot, which is proving to be a really beautiful deck. The Wheel of Fortune is one of the major arcana cards in the tarot. There are 22 of these… Continue reading Card for the Day: Wheel of Fortune

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Card for the Day: Letting Go

Today I pulled a card to help me gain some clarity and it was very appropriate. I was not seeing eye to eye with my husband last night and this morning pulled the Letting Go card out of the Mystical Wisdom oracle card deck.Immediately after pulling the card, I walked into our bedroom and apologized… Continue reading Card for the Day: Letting Go

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For a very long time I have been a student if you will. A closet case student, hungry for humility. I banged my head up against the wall at the thought of not being able to teach. I sat in the dark for most of this year, frantic as I was presented with lesson after… Continue reading Becoming

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What I’ve Found

I read a post earlier today about the "lost year" idea that is surrounding some of the events that 2020 has brought to us all. I too have been in the thick of it - if you will. Many of us have. The idea that we have "lost" a year seems absurd to me though.… Continue reading What I’ve Found

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Creating Love

When you wake up with the sun Early in the morning And your heart is alive and singing So you put on the music to match your mood You are creating the feeling of love. When he holds you in his arms And you feel safe and warm And your wrapped up close and tight… Continue reading Creating Love

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The Angel Stone

Many months ago I was scrolling through my Pinterest feed and a pin caught my attention - a photo of a beautiful crystal cluster... soft blues, and silvery gray. I clicked on the link and read a short article about this crystal, called Celestite. From what I gathered, the stone was supposed to be helpful… Continue reading The Angel Stone