A Reading

I felt compelled to do a reading for you all today... so here it is. The deck I'm working out of is a relatively new one, The Wise Dog Tarot by MJ Cullinane. This is a beautiful deck for animal lovers that found me last winter. I have been using it a lot over the… Continue reading A Reading

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Card for the Day: Two of Pentacles

I hope you are all doing lovely today! It's a beautiful bright bluebird day here in snowy upstate NY. Today we are pulling a Tarot card out of one of my favorite decks. Years ago I bought this deck and it is still probably my favorite. The deck is called The Dreaming Way tarot. It… Continue reading Card for the Day: Two of Pentacles

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New Cards

When my Tarot Cards first found me, it was a perfect situation. A few days before I was introduced to my deck a friend of mine had been talking to me about a deck he thought I would enjoy called The Dreaming Way Tarot. I hadn't really had much time to research the cards but… Continue reading New Cards