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My name is Sarah van Rijsewijk –
I’m a Certified Life Coach and Professional Tarot Advisor

You are in the perfect place my friend…

I personally don’t believe in coincidences. I believe that if you have landed on this page, there is a darn good reason for that.

If you find yourself asking for more out of your life, for validation, if you find yourself “stuck” in places you don’t want to be… I can help you.

My job is to inspire you to live the way you want to. I use Tarot to help you understand what is going on in your inner world, and discover that you are worthy of everything you want. I am here to help you experience your specific version of Natural Peace.

 I am here to help guide you on your journey as you begin constructing a beautiful life. Your life is yours to mold. Together we will explore the fantastic power you have in your mind, the magnetism of your thoughts, and the power of gratitude, appreciation, and love.
You are going to start living the exact way that you want.

You have an AMAZING life just waiting for you, and all the tools to help it unfold.
Do you want to start living it??

Your happiness is YOUR choice.

“Sarah helped me to truly manifest my desires. There are unfortunately few instances in our lives today where we fully expose our most internal desires aloud to ourselves and to others, and I have witnessed that in working with her regularly in this regard, I have helped the universe to conspire for me.

Sarah uses the tarot cards strategically to open you up about things that you might not have even recognized were going on for you. This reading starts the session and before you know it, you are bringing to light items deep in your unconscious. Once seen, your unconscious mind can be processed and changed, leading you to your most true desires. Work with Sarah if you are ready to truly change something in your life, as she WILL help you do it!”


Shannon L.
IT Operations Director/Yogi
Venice CA

If You’re Truly Ready for Change…

I have to tell everyone that my experience working with Sarah was wonderful and I found her to be caring, compassionate and quite knowledgeable. She was able to help me to better understand questions I had and as a result to find answers I needed. And her ability to see beyond the obvious and urge me to look at things in a slightly different way made finding those answers easier.
I would happily recommend Sarah to anyone who might have big issues in their life that they would like help with or even those like me who simply wanted another perspective to open a door to a new idea or opportunity.

Frank M.
Saratoga Springs NY

Another Perspective

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