This is Natural Peace Living. Together we will start creating your amazing life.

Are you excited?
You should be!

 I am here to help guide you on your journey as you begin constructing a beautiful life. Your life is yours to mold. Together we will explore the fantastic power you have in your mind, the magnetism of your thoughts, and the power of gratitude, appreciation, and love.
You are going to learn to harness the energy that creates worlds and put it to work for you in your life. You are going to start living the exact way that you want. You are going to find stillness in your thoughts, love in your heart, power in your intentions and experience natural peace.
We are looking to the future my friend!

You have an AMAZING life just waiting for you, and all the tools to help it unfold.
Do you want to start living it??

Your happiness is YOUR choice.

“Sarah helped me to truly manifest my desires. There are unfortunately few instances in our lives today where we fully expose our most internal desires aloud to ourselves and to others, and I have witnessed that in working with her regularly in this regard, I have helped the universe to conspire for me.

Sarah uses the tarot cards strategically to open you up about things that you might not have even recognized were going on for you. This reading starts the session and before you know it, you are bringing to light items deep in your unconscious. Once seen, your unconscious mind can be processed and changed, leading you to your most true desires. Work with Sarah if you are ready to truly change something in your life, as she WILL help you do it!”


Shannon L.
IT Operations Director/Yogi
Venice CA

If You’re Truly Ready for Change…

A constructive tarot card reading requires both intimate knowledge of the deck and a genuine interest in helping the client glean a new insight into their lives. Sarah possesses this essential combination. She understands how to properly communicate the messages and themes of the cards to her clients, who will come out of their session with a new insight into their present situations, and, by extension, their future destinies. Questions are welcome during readings, as is conversation.

I left the reading with a better understanding of how various characters and themes in my life have been subliminally influencing my goals for fulfillment. Sarah is preternaturally talented to help people better understand themselves and their journeys.

Kelly G.
Scotia NY

Understanding the Journey

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