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Welcome to a brand new way of living your life.

┬áMy name is Sarah van Rijsewijk and I am here to help guide you on your journey as you begin constructing a beautiful life. If you have been feeling “stuck” or like you are reliving the same problems over and over… you have come to the right place!
I’m here to help.

Together we will explore the fantastic power you have in your mind, the magnetism of your thoughts, the process of gently and easily changing your old beliefs, and the power of gratitude, appreciation, and love.
You can begin experiencing joy anytime.
Your life is yours to mold.

Together we are going to begin to harness the energy that creates worlds and put it to work in your life. You are going to start living the exact way that you want. You are going to find stillness in your thoughts, love in your heart, power in your intentions and experience natural peace.
You are going to see the magic that comes from consciously creating your life.

Your happiness — is YOUR choice.
Contact me today to begin the best relationship for your success and growth!


Sarah, Thank you so much for the beautiful Tarot Card Reading. Your guidance, wisdom and knowledge base allowed me to discover my own personal interpretation of the reading. Through our session together, I will make better decisions for my future.


Sandra V.
Co-Founder of Bennett Stellar University
Sedona AZ

Guidance Wisdom and Knowledge

Sarah provided a really insightful reading to me (and my family) during a time when I truly needed some support and direction. Sarah’s interpretation of the cards, in relation to my situation, was spot on and gave me instant clarity! She provided me advice and counsel that was very thoughtful and sincere. I really appreciated her reading and would recommend her to others seeking answers.

Thank you Sarah for sharing your talents in card reading and coaching with me! You have a gift.


Andrea C.
Syracuse NY
Speech Pathologist/ Full Time Mother

Awesome Insight, Clarity and Direction

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