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Everything Happens for a Reason

There are times in my life that I have been swept up in situations that sound so incredible that I completely forget what I stand for. There are feelings that I try to push away because I want so much to believe I’m moving into something wonderful.

This is a story about remembering to trust your intuition.

A few weeks ago I got a phone call that I thought was going to change my business.

The call came from somewhere in downstate NY, and when I saw the caller ID, I ignored it because I didn’t recognize the area code. I figured it was another marketing scam. When I heard the voice mail message though, my heart jumped into my throat… I was being offered an opportunity to speak on a radio show about my Coaching Practice  for a full 8 minutes!
I quickly thought though… what’s the catch?

But I was still curious enough and called the woman – Christine – back right away.
I asked her on the phone, are there any strings attached to this deal? She said they saw me as an expert in my field and that their Wellness campaign going on now,  is huge. I checked out their fancy NYC web page,  that seemed pretty good and signed up to be on the air in 5 days for my free 8 minute interview.

I was so excited about this. I messaged my husband, telling him how great my day was, that this was a huge deal, a big break coming hopefully, a way for people to hear me and hear about me and my practice.

I filled out the pre-show questionnaire and went into full detail about why I do what I do as a Coach, Reiki practitioner and Tarot advisor. This work is what makes me happy, that I want to help others… talking about my work is easy for me!
I got a lot of momentum going about this deal and when Wednesday came… I was ready! I have spoken on the radio many times and thankfully I’m pretty comfortable with the process.

I got on the air and answered the questions from the host – Michael David I believe was his name. I told my family and friends about the interview and found out afterward that my family was listening in and sharing it with others back home.

I felt strange after the interview. I walked into my office kind of in a daze feeling like…. Now what?  I went over to my desk and began browsing around more of the information about Empire Radio Now on their website.  I wonder why they call it Empire Radio Now I thought to myself… why not just Empire Radio?

Just then my phone rang. It was the executive producer, his name was John Burn. He started talking to me in his very Long Island-y Manhattan City-Guy accent. He said my show went extremely well. That I rated a 9.1 out of 10 on their 0-10 scale. He told me that there were calls into the station about me, wanting to know who I was and how to begin work with me. He said all of the right things to me, got me pretty flattered and then said “We’ve gotta get you back on! How would you like to come back and do a series with us?” I was shocked and excited. He began talking about how their station worked, how they are a partner with I Heart Radio, that I got the attention of a guy, Rick Del Gado… who was pretty high up the food chain. I was humbled at first… but then through his words, I began to feel this sinking feeling. They don’t want to PAY me to come back, they want me to pay them to come back…. I braced myself, I have been pitched to this way before.

He offered me several different packages, but really had me going about the 3 show series that included a Twitter Campaign, Bio on their webpage and 3 Press Releases to major outlets like CR Global, CNN, and ABC to name just a few. That option was $2500.00.

I told him I couldn’t give him a credit card over the phone, but that I would be in touch.

A few days later things changed drastically… but not in the way  I thought they would! A good friend said to me yesterday “I practice what I preach, my life is magical”. I thought… how awesome. What empowering words.

I also practice what I preach and I know damn well that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.

Empire Radio Now is a scam. So is their affiliate name under the Empire Broadcasting umbrella. They don’t deliver the services they say they will. I was presented with a contract the following morning… and several alarms went off in my head. Nothing was signed. Needless to say, I won’t be working with this “company” if you can call them that. After seeing the contract that looked fraudulent-ish ( I used to work in bank fraud and I’ve seen documents that just don’t look legitimate) I stopped all movement. I did a Google search on the company typing in “Empire Radio Now Scam” and found a few blog posts that revealed the same situation I’m telling you about now. After refusing to work with this group, I got a phone call on Monday of this week from them. I was shocked. I checked my voicemail and sure enough they pitched me the exact same deal with an 8 minute free interview… apparently not even realizing that they tried me once before.

However, I know the power of intention and some major shifts happened over the few days when I thought that my baby, my ideas, my thoughts words and concepts, that Natural Peace Life Coaching was going to have this massive audience.

First of all, the subconscious mind doesn’t know if something is real, or a scam. My subconscious mind got to work putting out all sorts of beliefs about what this campaign would do for me. I mentioned on my radio interview the same thing I said to my friend and co-worker 3 years ago… ‘someday, I’ll be able to sit down and talk with Oprah about my ideas’.

This is on the radio… this is a commitment to my dream.

And I’ve listened to my interview since then… thanks to Empire Radio Now I have recorded audio proof of my intention and it works very powerful as a tool to keep me moving in the right direction.

If everything happens for a reason, which I firmly believe… there is a reason that things unfolded this way.
Earlier this year I was contacted by The Dr. Pat Show and Transformation Radio … a radio group out of Washington state. I had a wonderful conversation with Jesica, the Senior Executive Producer about my practice. At the time we were in the middle of packing and moving to our new home in VA and the time just wasn’t right. She understood and she said “we’ll be here when you’re ready!”

This got me thinking… although the campaign with Empire Radio wasn’t legitimate, Transformation Radio is VERY real and is a perfect platform for people like me. I contacted Jesica and I’m thrilled to say that in a few weeks my radio segment will be starting up.

The idea of getting this campaign exposure sparked me to take some much needed action and finally change my website hosting from Wix to WordPress.  It got me to start thinking again about what it is that I offer… about what I know and how I can help people who are looking for it. Since I began working with Dr. Pat and her team wonderful conversations have happened and it has lit a fire in me to move in the direction of what I want for my practice.

Everything happens for a reason.
Thank You Empire Radio Now for helping me define more clearly the future I’m creating.

*This sort of scam is affected people all over the country. Several days after it was presented to me, my meditation teacher sent out an email to all of his students warning them to beware of such scams. Please do what you can to warn others so they are not taken advantage of. *

3 thoughts on “Everything Happens for a Reason”

  1. Hello Sarah, I found your blog when searching for “Empire Radio” as I was similarly contacted this AM by them. So funny, as I had similar thoughts to those you describe. I am an acupuncturist in Richmond 🙂 Thank you so much for writing this and helping me to define more clearly the future I am creating & wishing you the best of luck with yours! Take care. Janet L. Borges, L.Ac.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Janet,
      I see traffic on this article every single day… and I’m so happy to know that I am helping in any way that I can. If you’re ever in Norfolk let’s grab some coffee!!


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