Up in Our Heads

We spend a lot of time up in our heads.
Even as I sit writing this there is a lingering temptation to start the worrying process that I have constantly going.

Last week I sat with a new client for a Tarot session. We pulled many cards and she laughed when she noticed all of the Sword cards on the table. In Tarot, the swords are all about the mind, logic, thinking, understanding and analyzing. She started to count them… and laughed softly admitting “yeah, I’m in my head a lot.”

We all are.
Some of us more regularly than others.

What tends to happen is that our human minds are constantly trying to ‘figure it out’ so to speak. Whatever IT happens to be. How to make more money, how to change our spouse, how to help our kids, how to find more freedom, how to organize this or that… and the list goes on and on and on. We are thinking… always always always thinking. And most of us have been conditioned to be pretty damn critical about what’s going on up in our head. We blame ourselves or the people around us and turn the sword on our own mind and this causes quite the battleground up in our head.
Personally I don’t want to spend my time in the middle of the confused, muddy trenches.
But a lot of the time – quite by accident – I do.

You see, our minds are not physical, our thoughts are not manifest, tangible things. Our thoughts are infinite and limitless and we probably don’t really realize that. The average person thinks something like 60,000-120,000 thoughts per day – and usually – a good chunk (like 90%) of those thoughts are the same or similar to the day before. So several years go by, or even a few decades, and we’re thinking a lot like what we were thinking when we were younger.

So what to do about all of this?
Well… nothing has to be done.
We need to think less.
We need to think better.
We need to think kinder, gentler, more soothing thoughts and things will begin to be different. And if we can’t bring ourselves to input that kind of thought, then we need to quiet the mind and put less in there. We need to go for a walk or listen to soothing music, or allow our self to take a nap.
We need to meditate.
And I promise you… meditation is not the weirdness that people think it is. It’s a process to slow thinking and bring the mind to a more relaxed place – where things flow easier.

You are what you think. So if you are thinking ‘I have a lot to do…‘ then you have a lot to do. If you are thinking ‘I’m sure this will all work out just fine.’ It will.

When my client came to her insight about being so up in her head, I pointed out to her that she definitely did have a lot of the sword cards on the table, and we wanted to integrate more of the other suits. What this translates into? You are more than just your mind. You are more than your thoughts. You have the ability to feel love and so many amazing emotions. You are able to guide your life through how it feels. You can intuit so much in your day to day experience if you’re willing to drop out of the head and into the heart.

We are also gifted with the sense of passion, purpose, fire and creativity. That feeling you get when a surge of energy flows through your veins, when you suddenly are hit with a feeling of inspiration or passion… that is guidance. That is clarity. That comes from a completely different position than when we are analyzing and strategizing.

The feeling of belonging, the feeling of groundedness, of safety and stability all come when we drop out of our head. When you walk in the door of your comfortable home, kiss your spouse and cook your amazing dinner… when you crawl into bed and bask in the warmth of your soft sheets – you feel stable, grateful, grounded. You feel the essence of what it means to be a manifested, physical human being.

We are not meant to live in our heads. We are not meant to try to figure everything out. Saint Augustine was quoted that “faith is what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe”. There is an unseen force guiding us all and it cannot be seen in the way our minds want to comprehend. You see the flag dancing on the pole, but you cannot see the wind that blows it.
We need to learn to trust our senses, follow our intuition and our passion, give thanks in our grounding and know in our minds that our minds can only do so much.
We need to use everything we have in our toolbox, not just our confused state of thinking. When we do, life will be beautiful and easy.

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