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Card for the Day: Two of Pentacles

I hope you are all doing lovely today! It’s a beautiful bright bluebird day here in snowy upstate NY.

Today we are pulling a Tarot card out of one of my favorite decks. Years ago I bought this deck and it is still probably my favorite. The deck is called The Dreaming Way tarot. It is very simple and easy to understand the illustrations, but also very ‘dreamy’ and pretty.

The card for the day today is the Two of Pentacles.
This card is all about balance. In tarot, our pentacles are going to encourage us to look at our resources, material items, finances, grounding, family, health and all the things that keep our feet on the floor.
The Two of Pentacles is actually one of 3 cards (The Magician, Strength and Two of Pentacles) that show the infinity sign. In this card the pentacles are being juggled between the infinity sign which is saying that we are all always juggling something. At times it feels like a lighter load, but sometimes we have wayyyyy too many balls in the air.

Two of Pentacles – The Dreaming Way Tarot

However, today, this card is saying that we feel like we are successfully juggling whatever it is that is going on in our life. We feel like we are in the zone, in the flow if you will. Things come into our experience and then they go back out effortlessly. We get what we need to get, we do what we need to do, we feel stable and grounded and like we have things under control.

From a financial standpoint, this card could be suggesting that you are balancing and managing your finances successfully.

The goal with the 2 of Pentacles is to keep things going smoothly.
It also asks us to be mindful of WHAT we are juggling. If we feel like we have 18 balls in the air, it may be a good time to let things drop off that aren’t as important.
But… with the card being pulled upright, it feels as if we are doing a good job managing what we have in our life right now.

Keep up the good work my friends!!

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