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It’s been a while friends.
I’m sorry… I have missed all of you and I have missed the sound of the keyboard clicking under my fingers.

If I were to say I have been sitting around lazily with writers block, that would be a total and complete lie.

These past few months have been insane to say the very least.
In January my grandpa died.
In February my 4 year old daughter hit a tree snowboarding and fractured her skull in 2 places and suffered a severe concussion.
In March my daughter worked on healing.
Also in March we had to put down my (almost) 12 year old dog Ludo.
Also in March… COVID 19 hit.
In April my husband and I hit a really rough spot in our marriage, took a break and have since regrouped.
And now it’s May.
Last weekend I found out that the house we have been renting is going up for sale in the early summer months, empty.
So we are moving… to somewhere!

Alas… here we are. Still with some big ‘ol question marks over our heads but I’m feeling… creative.

For many years I have been working on my comprehension of Law of Attraction principles. There have been times when I fully understood these ideas, embraced them and saw incredible changes. Then there have been times where I stood insanely confused, unclear and stuck from moving forward.
Much of my Coaching work revolves around attraction principles.

So what do I mean when I say this?
Attraction is how we create in our lives. We are all creators. Whether you know it or not, you are constantly creating. Most of us (myself included) create by default… not realizing that we’re doing it. Our creating comes from our mind set and then into our emotions and feelings and then into real world tangible manifestations.
We live our lives… see things we like and don’t like and then think about that. Many of us have been conditioned to be a bit more pessimistic than optimistic. We tend to ‘not get our hopes up’ or to prepare for the worst. Then… like clockwork, we are shown evidence of why we shouldn’t get our hopes up. Or the worse case scenario comes banging down the door. Sometimes we’re surprised, but usually we’re just exhausted.

So we spend a TON of time in our head. We think about things, worry about them, plan, plot, come up with ideas (some good, some not so much) or figure out ways to cope. Most of us though are not thinking about what we actually WANT… we are thinking about how it’s not here.
We could use more money (many of us in that boat).

We sit there and say all the reasons why we need more money. We want to travel, but we can’t afford it. We want a bigger house, but we can’t afford it. We don’t like our job and want to be done with it, but we can’t afford to do that. We want to just order take out tonight instead of cooking dinner, but we can’t even afford that. We draw the conclusion, I need more money. But the reason we feel this way is because our life has shown us what we believe…”I can’t afford this, that, the other thing”.
And so we wear that energy. We attract “I can’t afford this, that or the other thing”.
We think we need to go get a better job.
Work harder, longer hours.
And then we are exhausted.
And maybe a bit resentful.

The thing is… we are attracting based on what we are thinking. We attract “I can’t afford this”. The world around us, the Universe that we live in, is relatively neutral when it comes to what is going on. It doesn’t see anything as ‘good or bad’. It just responds to the energy of “I can’t afford this”. So as you think that way, and feel that way, you attract that way.

What this means…
You can change your mind.
If you can consciously catch yourself thinking in a way that is not beneficial to you (“I can’t afford this”) then you can change your mind. You can slow the thinking by changing the subject. You can pay attention to what you DO have, or what you CAN afford.
One thing that works wonders is gratitude, or appreciation.
If you look around right now, see your cell phone, or laptop that you’re reading my words on… and think “I’m really glad I have this device and that I found this article…”, you are now emitting the energy of appreciation.
If you look around and see loved ones and think “I’m really happy that they are  here in my life. I love my partner/children/dog/cat” you are emitting appreciation. If you drove your car in to work today, you can think “I’m so lucky I have this reliable vehicle to get me to where I need to go”. And again,  you are attracting appreciation.
And since this article is focused on attraction… when you are feeling gratitude and appreciation, you attract more into your life to feel appreciation toward.

The best part of all of this, is that your emotions and your feelings will help guide you with where you stand. If you feel frustrated, you will attract frustration. If you feel anger, you will attract anger. If you feel hopeful, you attract hope. If you feel peaceful, you attract peace.
You see where I’m going?

We are all made up of energy. Our world, our Universe is made up of energy. The more we realize that we are emitting an energetic frequency, in the form of our thoughts and emotions, the more we can work with this.

And I know where you go next… believe me, I’ve been here myself hundreds of times. Sometimes, we are just too far up in our head to just change our mind.
I get it.
So what do we do? We need to take a break. Find a distraction.
I like meditation… but there are times when my mind is too frantic to sit still for meditation. So we can take a walk. We can go get a cup of coffee. We can even go to the bathroom and hide out in the stall for a few minutes. We can pet the cat. We can take the car for a drive. There are many different things that will slow down the momentum of your thoughts.
The main goal is this:
If you are worried or scared or angry, you need to get out of your head. Do so by finding something to distract you for a few minutes, or hours even.

The next goal is this…
We are creating with our thoughts.
So if you are not happy with the way life is happening for you – FOR YOU – then you have to decide that you want to think about something that feels better.
I say For You because it is. Your life is a gift. It is a canvas for you to create on. You are not doing anything wrong… you get to decide the kind of life you want to create, by deciding the kind of thoughts you want to think.

You can think about your future plans, dreams or goals. Know that in the feeling good place where these things come to your mind, you are attracting what feels good to you.

**When you think of these things, feelings, experiences, etc. be light about it. Don’t think about how you want it but can’t afford it or something along those lines. What happens then is you introduce resistance, and can get swept into the split of I want it and can’t have it. And then you attract that (I want it and can’t have it)… and that feels awful.

Try to let yourself daydream. Go on Pinterest and look at things that make you happy. Know that when you feel good, you are attracting good things to you. If you look at something and tell yourself ‘that will never happen’… you need to find something easier to feel good about. This is where we would use gratitude, or appreciation, or a nice distraction drive or walk with the dog **

I told you all, my lovely friends… I have had a hell of a year thus far. But honestly, in retrospect… I believe that so much of what I experienced is a calling to me to change what I’m focusing on. In the middle of the great unknown, which we really are all experiencing daily, I have to have faith in what makes me happy. I have to let my mind go THERE. I have to daydream and find joy even if I don’t know HOW things will unfold. I  have to appreciate what is around me now. My recovering daughter, my loving marriage, my rental house, the nature I’m surrounded by, my funny cats and dog. In the appreciation of all that is happening, I pull more in to me to appreciate.
AND… I feel better.
I don’t feel sorry for myself. I don’t wonder why things happened in a difficult manner… I see the prompt to shift my focus on what I do want. 

And honestly… in a matter of days, the evidence is clear around me.
I’m delighted to share what I know with all of you and my experience using this natural force. I look forward to more exciting experiences unfolding around me.

And until then… think happy thoughts and give thanks for all that you have.


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