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Card for the Day: Ace of Cups

Hi there party people!
I hope we are doing well today 🙂

Today, we’re going to go back to Tarot and working out of The Dragon Tarot deck by Terry Donaldson and artwork by  Peter Pracownik. This deck was a thoughtful gift for Christmas this year from my husband Jeramie – who is a huge dragon advocate!

Today we have the Ace of Cups showing up, and when I pulled it, it was in the reversed position. So we’ll talk a bit about this card upright and reversed and how to use it today!

Ace of Cups: When we see cups in tarot, they signify the emotional side of things. Cups are water in tarot, and water is associated with our feelings, emotions, intuition and sensitivities. Aces in tarot are all about beginnings. The Aces will start out each suit (4 total) and travel 1-10, with 10 being a place of completion. So our Ace of Cups upright is telling us to pay attention to a new feeling. It is usually a very loving, pure type of feeling. You pick up on something and it is asking you to pay attention and work with that feeling. It may be a rush of love for someone – or YOURSELF, a feeling of peace that you are able to feel during meditation or a walk in the woods… whatever it happens to be; it’s encouraging us to pay attention to the thing we cannot see, but can certainly feel.

The Dragon Tarot

Reversed, the card is saying that we may question ourselves. We may be more prone to “numbing” a certain feeling, or letting our ego take over and telling us that we’ll just get hurt if we love, or that whatever we think we sense intuitively, isn’t actually.
Don’t listen to that voice!
Trust your intuition and be open to hearing more from it and honoring those loving feelings you get.

A general rule of thumb:
If it’s loving and kind, it’s a good direction to go in.
If it is doubtful and cruel, defensive or critical… it’s out of the ego and will bring you worry and pain.

Listen to that soft voice of love. Trust your intuition. Move forward with confidence and the more you learn to pay attention to that voice, the more that voice will speak up and help you!

Have a wonderful day my friends ❤

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