A Reading

I felt compelled to do a reading for you all today… so here it is.
The deck I’m working out of is a relatively new one, The Wise Dog Tarot by MJ Cullinane. This is a beautiful deck for animal lovers that found me last winter. I have been using it a lot over the past few months and really love the illustrations, and MJ’s great interpretations.

Please note – all of the cards in the reading are Major Arcana cards. There are 22 of those cards in the Tarot and they follow the premise of The Fool’s Journey. The Fool is card ‘0’… the beginning, rebirth, stepping out into the unknown. His journey takes him through all of the lessons of the major arcana. These cards are bigger, heavier, pack more punch. They come up when we are in the middle of learning some major life lessons. When we understand the lesson, we move on! All of the cards shown here are life lessons.

Past Influence:

Interestingly enough, the Strength card has been coming up in readings for the past 10 days or so… so it’s neat to see it as a past influence card. This is the card position that takes us into our current situation. Strength in the tarot is not about how much weight you can bench at the gym, but about the strength in your mind. It says that as we think strong and powerfully in our head, with our thoughts, we will create strength in the outside world around us. The lion is always very symbolic in this card, as an indicator of the potential monster forces of the outside world… but with Strength, we are able to tame the beast, shown here with our little Pug (or Boston Terrier?) friend, with his paw on the lion’s nose.
Strength is also one of three tarot cards to include the infinity symbol. In this case, it is a reminder: our thoughts are infinite. The average human thinks between 60,000-120,000 thoughts a day. About 90% of those thoughts are the same as the past. However, when we realize that we can (at any point) change our mind, think something different, exciting, fresh, peaceful… NEW… we begin to see that there is no end to what we can do in our mind.
That’s where our Strength comes from. Power is in your mind.
As you think, so shall you be – and create.

Current Situation:

This card is another one that has been showing up often the past few days. When I see it, it reminds me of the concept of ‘Judgement Day’. What does that say to you? The Judgement card says that our debts are paid. We are standing where we are, nearing an end, on the brink of transformation, and we are vulnerable. Everything is out in front of us. All of our actions, thoughts, intentions, our past, current and future, exposed and out in the open. For some of us, that is scary. For some, it is liberating, and exciting. This card says, there is nothing else you need to do. It is all out in the open. There is no balance due, there is nothing you need to prove. We are in a place of preparing to move on, of moving forward, of learning from our experiences. The Judgement card is number 20 in the Major Arcana. Judgement asks us to find peace with where we are as we prepare for a successful completion. The card that comes next (sequentially) number 21, is The World… which says we have done everything we set out to do and can rest and recover from our journey. Prepare for that lovely ending.

Possible Future Outcome:
The High Priestess

One of my all time favorite cards in the Tarot… The High Priestess is (in my opinion) the Wonder Woman card. The High Priestess is a woman who knows who she is – truly. She is a wise woman, unafraid to look at all sides of a situation. She does not see anything as black or white, instead she lives in that place inbetween. This is where she draws her wisdom from… in her state of non-judgement, in understanding all sides, she is able to visit some of the darker things that we try to hide from the light. The High Priestess works well with the Moon energy, and the idea of the shadow self, the things we push deep into the subconscious mind. She resides there. She pulls things up and out, brings them into the light (of the Moon) and begins understanding. She knows, with knowledge comes power. Not unlike the Strength card. The more we know, the more we know. Be happy as you set forth into a place of great wisdom, as you begin to see things that once chained you, brought into the light, and transformed into powerful knowing.

Conclusion Oracle:
(The Universe Has Your Back deck, by Gabrielle Bernstein)
When I lean on the faith of the Universe, peace becomes real.
Faith is believing in all we cannot see. It takes no faith to believe in the manifest, the concrete world around us. But to have solid faith, we enter into a state of peaceful knowing. We know that there is nothing we cannot become, or do, or have, or be. We have faith in who we are and the realization of Judgement – that there is nothing we need to prove. We are innately good and worthy.
Rest in that.

As always, if you are interested in a personal reading, do not hesitate to reach out and we will schedule one.


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