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What a strange concept. We attach it to everything, everyone, feeling, and experience. 

Well, was it worth it? How do you know what something is worth?
An idea completely dictated by the idea of judging against.

But what we have yet to fully understand is the individual complexity, our uniqueness and perspective is what makes you you, and me, me.
What if we are already worthy?

And so I wake up this morning, a bit sad in my head as I replay conversations brushed under the bed. We have all, with the best of intentions I’m sure, assigned worth to our lives and now I’m finding I don’t have enough to pay my own overinflated price. 

I have found so many “not enoughs” in my insecure ways that I don’t have enough pennies or dimes to pay for the worth that is already mine.

I’m already worthy.

We are already worthy. 

We are all, already enough. 

We are worthy. 

Worthy of happiness, of peace, of love. There is nothing to prove. But prove it we will, and then demand that you love out of paying such a high bill. Resentment sets in because we’ve been working so hard to prove our worth and value… when all along, we were already worthy.
Already priceless. 

Already so incredibly valuable. 

They just didn’t see it.

WE didn’t see it either. 

We allow our Self to be sold for less, to try to prove from the outside in. If I push harder, demand less, become more attractive, maybe wear that dress, I will be worthy and then they will see. If I have a degree and a lovely pedigree my worth goes up by the second. If I live in this country or county or state, if I believe these beliefs, I stay in the race. I’m a worthy contender and that’s the game that we have completely lost ourselves for.

We are all worthy already… for a life filled with more. More happiness, more peace, more love. We are worthy of all of those things, because we are living as human beings. We are worthy of knowing the truth. There is nothing that you can say or do that will make you less or more than me. You are able to love, then they are worthy of what you give. You are able to receive, you are worthy of peace, love, joy… infinitely. 

Today I will see value surrounding me. I will see it in the air, in the rocks and the trees. I will look in the mirror and finally see… you are already worthy of so much love dear. Accept it into  your heart. I will give love away and know that they, are worthy just as much as me. I will see with open eyes and heart – that our value is inherent and will always be.

We are all already worthy of the amazing lives that we seek.

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